We have tried to answer a few of your most frequently asked 
questions here. Don't hesitate to contact us for other information.





Who we are:
Please read our “ABOUT US" section.

Where are we located:
The 2 acre kennel is in Palmdale, adjacent to the 14 –Antelope Valley fwy, very easy to find and 35 min north of Valencia. Specific directions are given when appointments are made.

Do we have adoptions at other locations in Southern California?
Not at this time but we may announce other locations in the future.

Where are the dogs:
At the kennel in Palmdale.

When are we open:
By appointment basis 7 days a week, but Saturdays are set aside as the main adoption day.

How to contact us:
Email is:
Phone numbers are: 661 266 9779 and cell is 661 675 9065. The fax nunber is also 661 266 9779.

Do we adopt out of state:
No. We are sorry but we can assist you in trying to find a dogs in need closer to you.

What are the advantages of coming to one location where all the dogs are housed:
You have a vast selection in one location and we have a large fenced in field that allows you to spend time with your other dogs off leash.

How do I adopt:
If you are ready to move forward now, Please print off the 2-page adoption app you will find on our website under “adoption application”. After completion, you can fax to us at 661 266 9779.

What should be considered in thinking of adopting:
Make sure your entire family is in agreement. Ask yourself if you can provide a stable, suitable setting for this breed, if you have the time and money to devote to properly care for a dog. After educating yourself and your family about the characteristics of huskies, contact us. Remember - we are looking for a lifelong situation for you both!

Where are the dogs coming from:
We concentrate on pulling dogs out of shelters where they are in jeopardy of being put to sleep. We rarely take a dog from a private party who is seeking to get rid of them. We prefer to talk to the party in depth and try to help them rectify the problems they are experiencing or assist them with whatever the other reasons might be for them feeling there is no hope. When nothing else can be rectified, we do accept private party dogs and usually have no problem placing them in a happy home elsewhere. For the most part, their previous owners were just not prepared for Siberian ownership because they failed to do research on the breed.

Do unwanted dogs have something wrong with them:
No, not usually. Out of all the huskies we have come across over the years, very few have had a medical problem. Mostly, they were just being typical young huskies, full of energy and needing understanding of this breed and guidance and training. For the most part, their owners were unprepared. Now, a GREAT advantage of adopting a dog from the pound or an unwanted situation is: They are eternally grateful to YOU for giving them a SECOND CHANCE. In the current depressed economy, many are being given up because their owners have lost their homes and or jobs.

What is the adoption process like:
After we receive the app, we will either email or call you to review it, usually within 24 hrs. We will then come by for the fence check or ask you to submit pictures of the fencing and gates. After this, we will make a specific appointment with you and that time will be set aside for you alone to meet the dogs one-on-one.

What is the adoption fee:
The average is $185 and sometimes up to $245 depending on additional medical expenses which may have been accrued. Payment is accepted in the form of cash or check.

What does the adoption fee cover:
The dogs have been spayed or neutered, received necessary vaccines, have been microchipped and usually have been to the vet. Some have required minimal to excessive vet needs. They have been evaluated by us, their individual personalities noted all of which is relayed to you as their prospective new owner.

Do we meet all the dogs:
Probably not. We prefer to suggest several suitable choices and ask you to narrow your selection down to 3 or 4.

Why are the choices narrowed down to 3 or 4:
Because if you meet more than 4 we have found the adopter will have much difficulty making a decision.

What are the ages of the dogs:
The average is between 1 and 3 but we usually have all ages ranging from 6 months to 12 yrs.

Do we have puppies:
Not usually. We are not breeders and do not have litters. Once in awhile we have puppies that have been born from mothers at the animal shelters.

What if we currently own a dog or dogs:
We ask that you bring them along so we can observe who they get along with the best. 

How do I know if the dog has a medical problem:
We explain any medical procedures or future medical needs to the adopter if we are aware of them of course.

Do we provide copies of all records:

Is vet insurance available:
Yes. We have a very good plan at low cost we are a subscriber to as being a member of Petfinder which we recommend.

Do we take the dog home on the first visit:
Usually yes since everything should be completed at that time.  But if the adopter needs more time for consideration that is not a problem.

How do I know what food, supplies will be needed:
The list is explained in the email with directions and appointment verification. 

Do we use an adoption contract:
Yes, but don’t worry about it. It asks the adopter to provide normal and expected pet care and provide love and a safe home for the natural lifespan of the dog.

Is there a trial period:
Yes, 14 days. This time is allowed to ensure the chosen dog is the right fit for your household, family, lifestyle etc. We do not want the dog or you unhappy or unwanted.

Can we return the dogs:
ALWAYS, in fact return is required to us for the lifetime of the dog if you must give it up for any reason.


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